Announcing: Sorry™ for Intercom Messenger

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Introducing: Sorry™ + Mailgun Send and Track Status Emails Effortlessly.

The powerful sending infrastructure of Mailgun can now be added to your status page

Just add the Mailgun API key

Start collecting unlimited subscribers.

Because we don't send the emails directly we don't cap the number of subscribers you have on your status page.

A large screenshot of the mailgun setup
An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Status updates delivered by Mailgun

The best chance of landing in the inbox.

Trust Mailgun to deliver your email reliably and quickly, ensuring that your important messages always arrive with your waiting customers.

Detailed logs & analytics

Understand trends in real time.

Details on delivery success, open rates and SPAM complaints to ensure your messages arrive as you expect them to.

A large screenshot of mailgun graphs

Downtime Could Strike at Any Moment

Are you ready to become a downtime hero and rescue your users from the dark?