The Status Page
That Fits Your Workflow

Sorry™ gives you the status page communication you need and nothing you don’t, right away.

Status page
Incident notice

You don’t have time to wait for a new status page.

It’s only a matter of time before your next incident.

You need a tool that works for you and you need it now. But you don’t need to replace your entire workflow with a bloated buffet of features you’ll never use. You just need this one part of it to work and to work really, really well.

We won’t ignore your questions, or wait days to reply.
We’ll get you everything you need to make your decision as quickly.

Stay in control during service interruptions.

No more panic. No more overloaded inboxes or ringing phones. Your team will be free to focus on
solving the problem. And your customers will keep their trust because they’re not left in the dark when
their service goes down.

Event Automation

Whether downtime is planned or unexpected, Sorry™ has got you covered.

Create scheduled notices for routine maintenance, or take advantage of our agile automation technology to keep customers instantly informed when an incident comes out of the blue.

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Incident notifications

Upgrade your incident communications with fast and open customer messaging.

Our status pages include Goolge Chat, Teams, Slack, Twitter, SMS and Email notifications, so your customers always have the information they need (and your helpdesk can breathe a sigh of relief).

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Performance you can trust

With built in SSL certificates, traffic encryption and regular automated scans, we take security seriously.

With uptime of 99.99%, you know you can rely on Sorry™ to always be online - our status pages work around the clock so you don’t have to.

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Trusted by thousands to keep people updated

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Here’s how easy it is to get started

Step 1 - Get a custom demo
Fill out a quick form, and you’ll get a call back from someone on our team to understand your specific needs. Then we’ll run a tailored demo with your entire team so you can see how Sorry will take the hassle out of your incident management.
Step 2- Get onboarded with ease
We’ll walk you through the entire process of getting set up: inviting team members, setting up subscribers, custom SSL certificates, tech requirements, etc. Depending on your needs, it can take as little as one day or, at most, one week.
Step 3 - Next time, you’ll be in control
Service disruptions are inevitable, but with the necessary communication in place, everyone stays informed and the process remains organized and as smooth as possible.


What our great customers are saying

“The Sorry team were intimately involved in helping us with the move and providing helpful guidance along the way. Thank you for the peace of mind, Sorry!”

Rian van der Merwe
Head @ Postmark

“The integrations with apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams have been critical for our business patterns and our strive to provide transparent communications when they need it.”

Tommy West
Senior Director of Content Operations @ vevo

“Sorry's tight integration with Intercom means our customers are aware of issues in near real-time and don't need to contact us for status updates.”

Cloud Extend
Chris Corcoran
General Manager @ Cloud Extend

Everything you are looking for in a status page

Smart notifications with automatic login
Real human support based in the UK
Integrations with Google Chat, Slack, Teams, Twilio & Intercom Messenger
GDPR Compliant
Enterprise grade security
Cyber Essentials Certified

Service incidents are inevitable

Get Rid of Chaos for Good

Sorry™ is a status page service that helps tech teams quickly and reliably communicate what’s actually going on and the progress made to resolve it.

Preventing confusion, minimizing support requests, and allowing their team to regain control.