The new way to view service status

Join Sorry™ now for a Status Page Service like no other.

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Give the best customer experience during an incident.

Easy to read status page layouts for incident overviews and status history. On page subscriber choices with fast access to update preferences.

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Tool up your incident management team

Deflect support cases with status templates, team permissions, monitoring connections and private status pages.

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Status Page Service You Can Rely On

Join thousands of people using Sorry™ to manage their incident communication and reduce helpdesk enquiries

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What our great customers are saying

“The Sorry team were intimately involved in helping us with the move and providing helpful guidance along the way. Thank you for the peace of mind, Sorry!”

Rian van der Merwe
Head @ Postmark

“The integrations with apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams have been critical for our business patterns and our strive to provide transparent communications when they need it.”

Tommy West
Senior Director of Content Operations @ vevo

“Sorry's tight integration with Intercom means our customers are aware of issues in near real-time and don't need to contact us for status updates.”

Chris Corcoran
General Manager @ Cloud Extend