All the features you need with Sorry™

The Status Page

Customise with your branding

Keep your branding front and centre with our easy-to-use customisation tools

Automated subscriber alerts

With update notifications sent straight to their inbox, phone, Google Chat, Teams or Slack channel, your customers are always in the know

Brand your domain name

Use your own domain name to ensure a clear customer experience, such as status.example.com

Private pages

Using our Privacy Addon, you can secure any status page with Google, Microsoft, Slack or SAML, whichever best suits your needs.

We'll then require your audience to sign in before they view the status page.
Mobile responsive

Our status pages are designed for any device with fast delivery by a CDN to give your visitors the best experience

Adapt your timezone

Make your messaging relevant to your readers with updates published in your local timezone

Social Media footer icons

Link your Facebook, Twitter and account with ease

Connect customers to support

Create a friction-free user experience for your customers with integrated links to your support channels and contact lines

SSL certificates included

Show customers your page is secure and authentic with built-in SSL certification

Choose your language

Communicate updates across the globe with our selection of 20 languages locally translated for accuracy. You can also amend content manually to any language using page settings

Translations we have so far:

Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish

Automated Messaging

Hands-off alerts that get the word out fast

Connect Pingdom, UptimeRobot, New Relic or other custom monitoring providers to send hassle-free updates quick off the mark.

Find out more about our automated messaging here →

Website Plugin

Build your status page into any website

​Keep visitors on your website by integrating with your status page using our simple plugin

Error Pages

Revamp your 500 error page

Ditch the unsightly error page and replace with a custom, branded alternative to reassure your customers

Find out more about our error pages here →


Status updates by email

Easily connect your Postmark, Mailgun or SendGrid account and allow your audience to receive status updates straight to their inbox

Status updates by SMS

Easily connect your Twilio or Nexmo account and allow your audience to receive status updates via SMS

Status updates straight to Slack

Publishing status updates is a good thing, making your audience hunt for them isn't. Now they can have status page updates delivered to Slack

Status updates via Google Chat

Integrate directly with Google Chat for Instant Notifications, Automatic Space Creation & Convenient Threaded Follow-ups.

Status updates into tweets

Link Sorry™ to your Twitter account and have your status updates and a link to your page published directly to your timeline

Per-Component Subscriptions

Ensure the right message gets to the right person, so they're only notified when the incident directly impacts them

Learn more about component subscriptions →


Status API

Every status page has a public API enabling your customer to build status updates into their incident response.

Learn more →


Create and configure your status pages, post new notices, manage team members and more.

Read the docs →

SEO & Google Analytics

Get visible in search

Customise your page title and description to optimise for search

Gather insights with Google Analytics connection

See who is visiting your page and how long they stay by tagging your status page in GA

Reliability & Speed

Unlimited bandwidth with no extra charges

Our plans cover everything your need for your status page, whether you have 1 visitor or 1 million

Service you can rely on

Night or day, our status page is always online - we work around the clock so you don’t have to

Built to take the pressure

Our status pages can handle over 30,000 concurrent visitors - we’ve got you covered when you need us most

Lightning-fast loading

Our super-fast 99ms response time ensures your customers aren’t left waiting

Help & Support

Customer support that won’t let you down

Being there to help our customers is what makes us a cut above the rest - we won’t compromise on our guarantee to make sure you feel supported

Developer resources

Enjoy some background reading? Browse through our documents on building an integration with the Sorry™​ API and Theme development