Sorry™ for Intercom Messenger

Bring the latest information about outages and downtime from your Sorry™ status page into the Intercom Messenger.

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Cut Down on Support Questions

Let your customers know about unfolding incidents before they come asking. This leaves your support team free to fight the fire, rather than focus on answering questions.

Personalised for Each Customer

Remove unwanted worry and confusion by only notifying your customers about incidents which directly impact the parts of your product they actually use.

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Uses your Help Center feature, so this incident is something she needs to know about
Does not use the Help Center, so let’s not worry him needlessly.

Schedule Ahead

Tell customers about maintenance ahead of time so they can plan around any downtime.

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Connect with an actual human today

Get your status page project underway with a personalised demo. Our friendly team of incident champions are ready for you.