All the features of Sorry™ Status Page Service

The Status Page

Brand your status page

You can quickly and easily customise every facet of your brand, from logos to colours.

Your own domain name

Use your own domain name, such as

Unlimited pages

Handy if you’re a support company with several services to run, create a dedicated status page for each.

Your own timezone

Set the timezone of your page and all your status updates will be published in your local time, making them all the more relevant to your readers.

Support links

Allow customers to easily contact you directly from your status page with links to your knowledge base, along with email addresses and telephone numbers.


When your status page gets updated, your Subscribers find out in their Inbox, via SMS or Slack #channel of their choosing.

Mobile ready

The default theme for your status page will adapt itself to work perfectly on devices of all sizes.

Social media links

Let customers reach out on social media directly from your status page by linking your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts.

Your own language

We can translate all content on the status page into your native language. Including Danish, German, Greek, French, Spanish & Swedish

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates give your audience peace of mind they are viewing a secure status page.

Monitoring Automation

Turn monitoring alerts into friendly status page updates

Get the word out early on your status page by connecting Pingdom, UptimeRobot, New Relic and other custom monitoring providers.

Read more about Monitoring Automation →.

Screenshot of an Automation

Website Plugin

Screenshot of Website with Plugin

Extend the voice of your Status Page into any website.

​A simple plugin to keep visitors informed of your status without them leaving your website.​​

Error Pages

A way forward when things are broken

Replace your sites 500 error pages with a nice looking alternative, Also linking back to your current status if you have an open notice.

Read more about Error Pages →.

Screenshot of Error Page


Status updates by email

Easily connect your Postmark, Mailgun or SendGrid account and allow your audience to receive status updates straight to their inbox.​

Status updates straight to Slack

Publishing status updates is a good thing, making your audience hunt for them isn't. Now they can have status page updates delivered to Slack.

Per-Component Subscriptions

Ensure the right message gets to the right person, so they're only notified when the incident directly impacts them.

Learn more about component subscriptions →

Status updates by SMS

Easily connect your Twilio or Nexmo account and allow your audience to receive status updates via SMS

Status updates into tweets

Link Sorry™ to your Twitter account and have your status updates and a link to your page published directly to your timeline.


Getting started guide

Introductions are important, thats why we provide everything needed for developers. From a getting started guide to personal help sessions with Robert our CTO.

Full API reference

The API Reference describes each available resource in the Sorry™ API. Learn about parameters, errors, and how to format your requests.​

Learn more about the Sorry™ API.


Edit HTML and CSS

You have full access to the HTML and CSS of your page, making it easy to customise every aspect of your customers' experience.

Proper developer tools

Build your theme using Liquid, LESS and CoffeeScript with support from our awesome open-source grunt tools..

Open-source examples

We provide a few example themes on Github to help you learn by example.

Screenshot of someone editing some theme markup

View our GitHub account →.

Search & Analytics

Search visibility

Customise the page title and description which is picked up by Google, allowing your customers to easily find your status page when they need it most.


Tie your status page to your Google Analytics account to better understand who is visiting your status page so you can better serve them in future.

Logo and illustration showcasing the Google Analytics integration.

Reliability & Speed

Unlimited bandwidth

You'll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your status page.

30,000+ concurrent visitors

We’ve built our status pages to deal with the huge floods of customers which may visit during your downtime.

99.99% uptime

No need to worry about downtime with Sorry™, we work around the clock to make sure your status page is always online.

99ms response times

Our super fast delivery servers ensure your status pages loads in lightening speed for your customers.

Illustration showing a geographic demo of our infrastructure.

Learn more about our infrastructure →.

Help & Support

Friendly, dedicated support

The Sorry™ support team are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch, available by email, live chat and phone.

Developer documentation

We have a bunch of documentation on building an integration to work with the Sorry™​ API and Theme development to help you build and customise status page themes.