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Status Page for Business

A direct line of communication with your customers, delivering real-time updates on system status, maintenance windows, and incident reports.

What’s included

  • Status Pages for both Production & Sandbox
  • Manage Incidents & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Detailed Uptime Metrics
  • Component Groups & Subscriptions
  • Optional Dedicated Component Pages (4 Included)
  • Role-based Access Control for Teams
  • Automate Status Updates with your Monitoring provider
  • Smart Notifications via Email, Google Chat, Slack & Teams

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Status Page for Enterprise

We are meeting the unique needs of enterprise clients through dedicated account management for personalised support and expert guidance, flexible billing options, and custom End-User License Agreements (EULA).

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“The Sorry team were intimately involved in helping us with the move and providing helpful guidance along the way. Thank you for the peace of mind, Sorry!”

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