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An example screenshot of a default Sorry status page.

Thoughtfully designed by default Theme your page to match your brand.

Easily configure a CNAME and use your own domain. i.e.

full code control

Control every line of code and every pixel to create a seamless appearance.

developer tools

Ease development with Liquid Templates, Grunt Tasks and plenty of Open Source examples.

guides & advice

Comprehensive documentation and personal assistance from our developers.

Reach out and talk to your customers on twitter

Someone will tell the story, let it be you. Avoid the gossip and hearsay, allow your customers to learn first-hand exactly what is going on.

An example of a Status Update tweet posted by Sorry.

Easily publish status page updates onto your website.

Use our plugins, which drop in to any website, to give your customers information about upcoming maintenance or ongoing issues without them having to go looking for it.

An image showing how our status bar looks when installed on a website.

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