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A Status Page which focuses on what you have to say

Customers don’t want to see an automated front-end to your monitoring software, they want a personal human response.

A photo of Rob Parkhill

"Thanks to @sorryapp my users are getting notifications while the system experiences some _inconsistencies_."

Rob Parkhill, DoubleLeaf Development

Take your message direct to your twitter, your app and your website

Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Let them read your story wherever they are.

A photo of Matt Gifford

Problems with @hostmediauk VPS are getting resolved. Great support and helpful staff.

Matt Gifford, Monkeh Works Ltd

All this honesty can only lead to good things

Customers informed

Free to get on with other things while they wait for your problems to be fixed.

Helpdesk de-stressed

Instead of fielding calls and emails, support teams can get on with fixing the problem.

You in control

Somebody will tell your story so it may as well be you. Tell the story in your own words.

A photo of Jason Fried

“People will respect you more if you are open, honest, public, and responsive during a crisis. Dont hide behind spin or try to keep your bad news on the down low.”

Make those bad days better

Try Sorry™ for 60 days Stay forever from $9 a month

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