Give Help to Those Who Need It

When an error occurs people may want to reach out for help, we put your contact details right there for them.

Your Support Options

Add any of your support options to your page, so your customer can get in touch whenever they have questions.

  • Email Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Helpdesk Links
  • Social Accounts
Ready to rescue your users from the dark?
Plans & Pricing

Make It Your Own

So your customers feel completely at home, seamlessly dropping into your brand experience.


Allowing easy choice of colors, icons, logos and background - perfect for those without the 'designer' in them.

Complete Code Control

For the adventurous, we allow complete code control over your page, where the sky's the limit.

Based on Shopify theming platform we provide awesome documentation, support and open-source examples to help your developers get started.

Say It Your Way

Personalize the text on your page to better match your brand, or the importance of the story you're telling.

From the Formal

Mission critical technical service customers will expect you to take things seriously.

To the Casual

Where a little bit of humour will lighten the load, and build report.

Plug & Play

Our simple error pages drop into any technology stack.


To easily drop into applications, static websites or self-hosted web servers.

Hotlink URL

For hosted network services, firewalls and content delivery networks.