The Status Page Home for Transparency and Updates About Downtime

Single Hymn Sheet

Whether fielding helpdesk tickets or an account manager on the phone, everyone in the organisation knows the latest story.

Anytime, Anywhere

A publicly accessible status page which works on any mobile device means that people can see the most recent events wherever they may be.

Openness & Honesty

People expect the services they use, to be honest, and transparent, by openly discussing downtime you will build trust.

A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.
An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Seeing You Through the Bad Times

Designed so latest updates on the Status Page take the highest priority.

De-Stress your Helpdesk

A proactive approach means customers are less likely to flood your helpdesk with enquiries.

A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.
A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.

Plan Ahead with Scheduled Updates

Choose a window of time

Upcoming maintenance times get displayed before the event.

Choose Manual or Automatic

Switch the status page to underway and complete at stated times.

Celebrating the Good Times

Providing Reassurance

To customers that your service is running as expected.

Promoting Transparency

Ensuring both existing and potential clients know you’re the person to trust.

A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.

Make It Your Own

So your customers feel completely at home, seamlessly dropping into your brand experience.


Allowing easy choice of colours, icons, logo's and background - perfect for those without the 'designer' in them.

An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Complete Code Control

For the adventurous, we allow full code control over your page, where the sky's the limit.

Based on Shopify theming platform we provide awesome documentation, support and open-source examples to help your developers get started.

Say It Your Way

Personalise the text on your page to better match your brand, or the importance of the story you're telling.

Example message stating - All systems are operational

From the Formal

Mission critical technical service customers will expect you to take things seriously.

Example message stating - All good under the hood!

To the Casual

Where a little humour helps lighten the load and build rapport.

Ready to rescue your users from the dark?

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Assistance for Those Who Need It

Sometimes people will want to know more than is available on the status page, so we make reaching out for that little extra help nice and easy.

Your Support Options

Add any of your support options to your page, so your customer can get in touch whenever they have questions.

  • Email Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Helpdesk Links
  • Social Accounts
An illustration of a lifesaver.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure, Up When You're Down

We isolate every status page

Hosting status pages separately from other customers, our core application and websites. They are entirely self-contained.

and distribute them globally

No two components of our service sit on the same infrastructure. We distribute them globally.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there

Sorry™ does even more, to help you turn a bad situation into an opportunity for excellent customer service.

SSL Certificates

Create an even deeper level of trust by adding an SSL certificate to your page.

Multi-Language Support

With a growing number of native languages out of the box, Including Danish, German, Greek, French, Spanish & Swedish and the ability to add your own.


Control every aspect of your page through our fully documented API, using our open-source SDKs.

SEO & Analytics

Make your page easy to find, and gives you insight as to who’s visiting.

Downtime Could Strike at Any Moment

Are you ready to become a downtime hero and rescue your users from the dark with our status page service?

Ready to rescue your users from the dark?

See Plans & Pricing