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Message Distribution Delivering Your Message Direct to Your Audience

So people know the moment things happen, and can stay up to date wherever they are.

On Your Website & Helpdesk

Put your message in the places that your audience are most likely to come looking for it

Minimize Helpdesk Tickets

Anyone experiencing problems and visiting your helpdesk to ask for assistance will see your notice front-and-center, and be less likely to file a ticket.

One-Line Install

Our plugin simply drops in-to your existing websites, and then springs to life whenever we have something to tell your users.

A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.

Direct to Inbox

Deliver your updates direct to your audience via email

An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Your Own Service Provider

Use an email service provider of your choice.

Full Visibility

See details on delivery success, open rates and SPAM complaints to ensure your messages arrive as you expect them to.

Unlimited Subscribers

Because we don't send the emails directly we don't cap the number of subscribers you have on your status page.

Guaranteed Delivery

Trust the experts to deliver your email reliably and quickly, ensuring that your important messages always arrive with your waiting customers.

Ready to rescue your users from the dark?

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Share Amongst the Team

Our Slack integration allows people who rely on your service to have notices delivered into a channel of their choice.

Instant Gratification

People spend more time in their team chat than they do their inbox, meaning they'll recieve your notice the moment it's posted, so they can act quicker.

Easy to Discuss

Teams can discuss your outage, and plan effectively to work around it.

Slack Icon for Example Inc

Example Inc Status BOT 11:32am

We are currently investigating issues with our service...
Slack Avatar for Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs 11:45pm

O.k @channel shall we all take an early lunch until these guys are back up?
Slack Avatar for Bob Smith

Bob Smith 12:02pm

Sounds great @joe, it's your turn to buy the burgers, right?

Go Social

Take your message to the masses by having us post it direct to your Twitter timeline.

Stop the Rumor-Mill

People on social media love a good rumour, take back control of the story by telling your side.

Embrace the Publicity

Potential customers will love to see you taking a proactive and open approach to your problems.

Slack Icon for Example Inc

Example Inc @exampleinc

We are currently investigating issues with our service...

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3:24 PM - 26 May 17

Plenty more awesome stuff too

Sorry™ helps you understand who's affected, delivering the right message to the right person.

CSV Import

Upload your existing audience into the system via CSV, including their names, locations an additional custom information.

API Subscription

Automatically subscribe your new customers and staff members using our fully documented REST API.

Custom Widgets

Build and extend upon our website plugin with your own widgets, pulling status data from the API to do whatever you can imagine.

Geographic Segments

Organise and target your audience based on their location, so you can notify specific groups about localised issues.

Subscriber Tagging

Tag subscribers with custom attributes which you can then use to target them with specific notices, perhaps specific products etc.

Are You Ready For The Call To Action?

Downtime can happen at any moment, it's time to don the lycra and prepare for action.

Ready to rescue your users from the dark?

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