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Status Pages for Open Source Projects Because People Moan about Downtime, Even If It's Open Source

Perhaps your docs site is down or your CDN is running slowly. We can help you with a status page completely free of charge, just because we're kind like that.

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An example screenshot on a mobile device.

Save Yourself an Earful

We've all had bad experiences of self-entitled open-source users giving you grief about bugs in the project. Save your ears another bashing during downtime by being proactive about it.§

Grow with Trust

Drive growth in the popularity of your project by gaining and retaining user trust, take an open an honest approach to the status of your project.

Complete Control

We give you complete HTML & CSS control over the look of your status page, yet still provide those without technical skill to customise logos and colours from right within the app.

No Hosting Hassle

We host and manage the status pages right here on a bullet-proof infrastructure, so you never have to worry about patches, backups, security updates, and all the other problems self-hosted solutions bring.

Proper Developers Tools

We know how important tools are to developers workflow, so we provide a set of open-source Grunt JS tasks to help you build and deploy your theme in moments. The rest is completely up to you, like working with Bootstrap? Fine. LESS? Great. CoffeeScript? Do it.

Open Source Examples

Our default status page theme, and a bunch of example variations, along with our deployment tools are all available on GitHub for you to use and improve.

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Free plans for Open-Source Projects You Don’t Charge, Neither Do We

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Start 30 Day Trial

    • Hosted Status Page
    • Custom Domain with SSL
    • 10 Components
    • Single Click Branding
    • Multi-Language
    • Notice Templates
    • 1 Automation Scenario
    • Pingdom Check Sync
    • Inbound Mail
    • Unlimited Subscribers
    • Email Integration
    • Slack Integration
    • Twitter Integration
    • Intercom Messenger App