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Introducing: Slack Subscriptions Status Page Updates straight to Slack

Publishing status page updates is a good thing, making your audience hunt for them isn't. Now they can have status page updates delivered to Slack.

Any Slack user can Subscribe in a moment

When you update your status page Subscribers find out in a Slack #channel of their choosing

Slack Icon for Example Inc

Example Inc Status BOT 11:32am

We are currently investigating issues with our service...
Slack Avatar for Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs 11:45pm

O.k @channel shall we all take an early lunch until these guys are back up?
Slack Avatar for Bob Smith

Bob Smith 12:02pm

Sounds great @joe, it's your turn to buy the burgers, right?

Matches your Brand

The status page subscription process and slack messages all use your own branding.

Unlimited Subscribers

We don't charge per-subscriber, so you're free to attract as many as you wish, in fact, the more the merrier.

Unsubscribe Whenever

No risk of upsetting your customers, they can easily unsubscribe from the updates whenever they wish.