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Introducing: Sorry™ + MailChimp Status Page Updates via MailChimp

Connect your Status Page to the advanced email delivery infrastructure of MailChimp.

Just add your MailChimp credentials

Connecting your MailChimp account is easy to setup, Just use your MailChimp username and password and we will do the rest for you.

A large screenshot of the MailChimp setup
An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Status updates delivered by MailChimp

Your audience will receive​ updates straight to their inbox using the "Get Updates" button on your Status Page.

Advanced reporting features

You can view your status update emails from within your MailChimp account just like any campaign, including performance on delivery and user engagement.

A large screenshot of SendGrid graphs

Downtime Could Strike at Any Moment

Are you ready to become a downtime hero and rescue your users from the dark?