Staying up, even when you’re down

We take our commitment to you seriously, here’s a little more information about our infrastructure.

How we achieve reliability in the face of adversity

We isolate each status page

Hosting them separately from other customers, our core application and websites. It is completely self-contained.

and distribute globally

No two components of our service sit on the same infrastructure. We distribute them globally.

We promise

99.99% Uptime

How we achieve performance at scale

Traffic to your status page often comes in huge surges at the beginning of your downtime, so we’ve designed the infrastructure which serves your status page to deal with this exact scenario.

By aggressively caching your status page we’re able to lighten the impact of each request to your page, meaning we can serve more of them, in less time.

Each status page supports

30,000 concurrent requests

99ms response time