Prepare For The Worst

Sometimes even the most reliable of services go wrong. Fixing the problem is a given, but the way in which you communicate with your board can make all the difference.

Share with your Company

A Sorry private status page allows you to update internal employees & stakeholders in one convenient place. No need for mass emails.

Promote Honesty

Customers who see you are open and honest about your service status will believe you do the same throughout the rest of your business, promoting an open and honest image.

No Hosting Hassle

We host and manage the status pages right here on a bullet-proof infrastructure, so you never have to worry about patches, backups, security updates and all the other problems self-hosted solutions bring.

Share The Burden

A big part of your job is preventing downtime, but we're here to support you when it does happen. (0) 1273 917 517