Complete Control

We give you complete HTML & CSS control over the look of your status page, yet still provide those without technical skill to customise logos and colours from right within the app.

No Hosting Hassle

We host and manage the status pages right here on a bullet-proof infrastructure, so you never have to worry about patches, backups, security updates and all the other problems self-hosted solutions bring.

Welcome Shopify Developers

If you've ever designed for Shopify or built a Jekyll based blog you'll feel right at home with Sorry™, we use the Liquid templating language to allow you to control the dynamic aspects of your design.

Learn about Liquid

Proper Developer Tools

We know how important tools are to a developer's workflow, so we provide a set of open-source Grunt JS tasks to help you build and deploy your theme in moments. The rest is completely up to you. Like working with Bootstrap? Fine. LESS? Great. CoffeeScript? Do it.

Open Source Examples

Our default status page theme and a bunch of example variations along with our deployment tools are all available on GitHub for you to use and improve.

View our Github projects

Share The Burden

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