Your entire team, briefed.

One of the bigger challenges of managing service status communication in a customer service team is ensuring that everyone has the latest information and that they're given a true account of the unfolding events.

By centralising your story onto a status page you can ensure your team is properly briefed to talk to customers.

Self-Service for those who want it

By publicly broadcasting your service issues, customers won't feel the need to jump on the phone asking questions preventing the usual barrage of (rightly) angry customers every time your service suffers an issue.

Promote Honesty

Customers who see you are open and honest about your service status will believe you do the same throughout the rest of your business, promoting an open and honest image.

Rebuild Trust

When things go wrong you quickly spend the trust you’ve spent so long building with your customers. If you manage things properly you can go a long way to rebuilding that trust.

Share The Burden

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