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An Alternative To Atlassian Statuspage

Behind the mask we’re both quite different, here’s a few reasons that might make you switch.

Reason 1: Unlimited Subscribers

Ensure that nobody is left in the dark, send notifications to as many subscribers as you like.

Illustration to highlight the unlimited subscribers feature.

Reason 2: Your Own Email & SMS Providers

When it comes to delivering important notices via Email and SMS it's important that you trust your provider.

The Ones You Trust

Use your favourite go-to provider, to know that your messages are in hands that you trust.

Or an Alternative for Resilience

Take a different approach and choose an alternative provider, so that even if your own is down, your notices still get delivered.

Reason 3: Bring Your Entire Team

We don't limit team members, you can invite whomever you want to join your downtime fighting team.

Involving the right people when managing an incident is very important, for the health of your team, but to also ensure that your audience gets the information they're craving in a timely manner.

Reason 4: Others Are Switching Too

Pingdom switched from Atlassian to Sorry™ to find a simpler, friendlier and more reliable experience.

Pingdom is almost certainly the first brand that comes to mind when you're talking about downtime, they are the best at what they do.

We also have a first-class integration with Pingdom to help automate your status communication. Read about our Monitoring Automations →

Screenshot of the Pingdom status page on a mobile device.

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Reason 5: We're More than Just a Status Page

Install our service into your infrastructure, display helpful error and maintenance pages when your own system goes offline.

A status page screenshot on a macbook screen.
An example status page screenshot on a mobile device.

Reason 6: Switching Is Seamless

Import all your Branding, Components, Incidents and Subscribers from your Atlassian account in just a couple of clicks.

Illustration showing the flow of imported data from Atlassian Statuspage.

1. Import from Atlassian

Give us your API key, we'll import all your data over in a matter of seconds

2. Ensure You're Happy

Trial us until you're happy you've made the right choice.

3. Update your DNS

Make the final switch with a simple DNS change.

Downtime Could Strike at Any Moment

Join others in switching from Atlassian, make the next outage your least stressful yet.

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