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Become a Downtime Hero with a Status Page

Rescue People from the Dark During Outages

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With Super Powers Hosted by Us

Preventing Stress and Providing Openness

Status Page

A beautifully simple status page becomes the home for transparent status updates.

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Monitoring Automation

Get the word out early on your status page by connecting Pingdom, New Relic and other monitoring providers.

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Engage people with ongoing stories wherever they are in the world, via SMS, Email, twitter or slack.

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Featured Customer

We are ecstatic over our switch to Sorry™. The interface is clean and customizable, the service is priced reasonably, and the support received everytime is world-class. They recently implemented Pingdom which has made a world of difference.

Travis, Pepsi-Cola New England

Visit their Status Page →

A large screenshot of the Pepsi-Cola status page.

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Downtime Could Strike at Any Moment

Are you ready to become a downtime hero and rescue your users from the dark?